Content Emergency Package

Brief description:

We film your knowledge and skills so that you have a product that you can sell on the Internet. Artists & performers, musicians, chefs, models, courses, tips and tricks – no matter what you can do show it to the world and use the opportunity to make your money online in the coming times.


You know what you want to convey online, have a rough idea of what you want to show in your videos and come prepared to us in the studio. We have a cameraman on site, light, sound, setting and thus everything you need for the professional recording of your clips and videos. The filming takes one day (8h). Then we cut the material into individual clips after consultation with you, make a high-quality color correction and sound mixing within a maximum of three days, and add an intro with your logo (if available), alternatively with a suitable font.

Value (net):

1 day studio: 410 €

1 day cameraman and equipment: € 1,000

2 days post production including intro: 1,600 €

Total: € 3,010

Our emergency offer: € 2,000

4-month deferral: You pay € 500 on the day of the shoot, after a month you pay another € 500, and within a further 2 months you pay € 1,000 – that means we give you € 1,010 as an emergency aid.

And best of all: You can share the shooting time and thus the costs with others.

Strike now, become visible online, and make money without going out on the streets.

Simply register at

Or by phone at: 0711 50476600

Brief explanation of the package (English subtitles):


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