Online Storytelling Workshop

Brief description:

What is your story? How do you design an authentic and successful brand presence? What differentiates you from everyone else and gives you an unfair advantage over your competition? If your message is not yet clear to you and, above all, how you can carry it into the world, we will help you to find it and present it impressively. This will become the workbench for your new website, online company or your new movie, your social media posts and much more.

Content + value:

The basis for our storytelling workshop is our specially developed questioning system, with which we get to the core of your person or your company. We then stage it in an exciting and honest manner. This way, you get the perfect tools for your own brand communication.


Preliminary talk (one morning)

Interview with our question system (one morning)


Telephone interviews with customers / friends


Summarizing the content and writing the story

Workshop presentation

Price: You can get the entire storytelling workshop for € 2,200 net

Are you interested in our storytelling workshop?

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Example Transcription:

Pictures say more than a thousand words – which is exactly why I chose Oliver Lozano and his team for my new photos. The best thing is that my expectations were exceeded by far: Oliver didn’t just take pictures as I know them, but the beginning and the core of the work was the story that should be told with these pictures. The storytelling workshop, which is fun and brings clarity, also creates a wonderful bouquet of ideas, quotes and impressions, which is a great resource for further activities as well as for the texts on my homepage – absolutely recommendable.

Based on these workshops, outfit and imagery were defined and the shoot today was simply a complete success – both in terms of images and atmospheric – because only when you feel good you can look good ;-). Thank you – it was great. First class.