The problem

Floors are boring.

Oh yes? But not in the showroom of the Schwallachs, but in the middle of the industrial area an existence as an insider tip. Most of the promotional material was from the manufacturers themselves, but so the Schwallachs were not to be found at first glance. Social media was not an issue, so we wanted to be big and visible to fill the showroom. The solution: Cinema

The solution

Fußbodentechnik Schwallach Kinospot

Testimonial Markus Schwallach

Package: The Revolver

Instead of swiveling the camera twice to the left and right, we wanted to tell a mini story in about 30 seconds, what you can do with great floors everything. Filmed directly in the showroom. We invited local heroes from the arts, sports and drama to showcase three scenarios on-site, all in a chic oneshot. For this purpose, we have shot high-quality portraits of the team, so provided the website and placed additional flyers in the foyer of the cinema.

The result

Customers have come by his own account directly because of the spot. With a few customers, the budget was back in and the Schwallachs can broadcast the film again at will, to get a new attention boost.

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