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The Colt

The pure message

You have a story already?. You know your message? We make sure it gets brilliant and does not miss the target.




from 5K

The Revolver

The Value Video

We start with the Storytelling Workshop. We find your story, your values, your goal. That’s the content for your new movie. If your message is still not clear to you, we help you to present your message clear, sympathetic and memorable.


from 15k

The Winchester

The Mission Story

The claim grows, the depth of the story grows and thus also preparation, cre, shooting time and budget. We are moving towards a campaign and are now talking about a scenic film with actors. If it serves the mission. Including a making-of movie.


from 40K

The Gatling Gun

The Milestone

Commercials, image films and series are bustling here. If your communication needs to be on the level of  what you know from Netflix and Co., it starts here. You will be perceived at a different level. We create a milestone for your business.


from 100K



Photography, Film, Instagram, Personal Performance, Elevator Pitches 

from 250 Euro, further information on request.


from the business single portrait to the picture and advertising campaign.

from 350 Euro, further information on request.

Story Workshops

What is your story? How do you create an authentic and successful brand appearance with you story?

from 1.500 Euro, more information on request.

Content Studio

Continuous conception of audiovisual marketing material.

monthly from 250€.

Why is your story worth telling ?

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