About us

“This will never work!
Our industry doesn´t work that way.”

Andreas Kogel, CEO ankox GmbH, at the presentation of our campaign idea.

„Want to bet, Mr Kogel? “

– We.


Oliver Lozano

Oliver is known as a hearty, provoking but always empathic film-director and photographer focusing on small-businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

His personality portraits tell compelling stories, documenting personalities in single frames. His genius lies in seemingly effortlessly extracting and revealing peoples true self, their identity, in front of the camera. Oliver pictures reveal to people how great they truly are. The results are confident portraits that are proudly shared. 

Oliver possesses a gift, leading clients to stunning results. “It makes my day when I see ordinary people brighten up in from of the camera, revealing their true self. Showing people how great they truly are, making them confident about their personality, is why I get up every morning.”

His docu-style films portrait remarkable characters, telling stories worth telling. They are wildly famous amongst artists and solopreneurs looking for a way to market their craft and build trust with their audience. Clients like the BIX Jazz lounge, AkzoNobel and “Brot für die Welt” describe his work as honest, revealing and aspiring. As fresh and seeking.

Born half Mexican, half German Oliver is the type of guy who enjoys a cigar with a sip of exclusive rum while reframing the stories and emotions captured during the day. He’s living his dream and he wouldn’t want it any other way.


Daniel Kammerer

Producer, camera operator, cutter, customer service…

The best way to describe Daniel is in one word: all-purpose weapon. Whether behind the camera or in the conception with customers. Through his relaxed yet spontaneous nature, he always finds the right words and ensures a clear and goal-oriented communication.

At his young age, he has a fresh look at the industry, the world and all the innovations that social media presents every day. He grew up as a film lover and started shooting his own movies with his mobile phone camera early on, and knows what it means to tell a strong, intoxicating story.

His mission goes from Stuttgart via Berlin to Rome and beyond. Cool, right?