“Story to Action Process“

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Views from conservative sectors with a long tradition and strong structures have already been thrown out of the pile. Why?

Because people have the need for good stories. No matter in which industry, no matter in which country. With the help of our special process, you will not only get tools that communicate your value proposition or put your product in the foreground, but above all appeal to the viewer’s feelings. Only if we manage to reach people emotionally can we turn them into action. We are convinced that a well told story inspires, motivates and leads to action. Our content combines high quality and aesthetic images with excitement, authenticity and a story full of passion.

Marketing and communication strategy

With a marketing campaign we become a real partner for you or your company. We get to know your working methods and find out together where you stand and where the journey should go. Our storytelling workshop is the cornerstone and starting signal for your new communication: inside and out.

The result is your own story. An unbeatable advantage over your competition: your uniqueness.

You can use the result in your staff management, your entire corporate communication, in sales and of course for your marketing and advertising.

Media production

Your story is already? Perfect! Now it’s time to create tools that spread them around the world. Our film and video productions, photo campaigns and pictures ensure that.

For companies that want to take their existing digital marketing strategy to a new level, we offer the Content Studio. This approach turns us into a content generator your brand, allowing you to deliver high-quality, engaging photo and video content to your audience on a consistent basis.

From classic branded content to massive image videos, commercials, and cinema spots, we create a variety of image content that helps you achieve your goal in the digital space. Your armory is filling up so much.

Social Media und Story Management

We have the story and the armory is brimming. Now we have to use it.

We manage your campaign from start to finish, showing that there are real heroes among entrepreneurs who can make a difference and stand behind their brand. Or we prepare you for the next lecture, train your live performance and make sure that you yourself become a good storyteller.

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