Case Studies


ankox GmbH

It takes more than just a good product to succeed in the construction industry. We show how we made a top dog out of a start-up in a short time.

Fußbodentechnik Schwallach

A product that is trampled on and a showroom that nobody knew. We have changed that with our cinema ad and the picture campaign. Permanently.


Craftsmen have no values anymore? The good ones do! And we've managed to make our customers the best practice in their industry through workshops, films and image campaigns.



Agency = black turtleneck and Eiermann table? Not very heroic. Superhero or Normalo? Better both, right?


Everyone makes pomade ... Alex, the boss of the fat room wanted a campaign that is different and polarized. Take a burlesque dancer from Italy, a model from Berlin, a lot of beard - and the sales of the online shop have more than doubled!

Creative Shoots

Beauty / Lifestyle: Photoshop is not the solution for bad pictures. Luckily ours are awesome. Just like our retouch skills.

More Testimonials

Thanks to Daniel Stuckert from PRETTL Produktions Holding GmbH for the great feedback Feedback about our successful collaboration.

Thanks to Elisabeth Wolf, Market Support Specialist DACH Automotive & Aerospace Coatings for the great feedback Feedback about our successful collaboration.