The problem

Who is called that, must also look like that. But how do you manage to do this not ridiculous, but high-quality and to stage with a wink? Without distracting from the professional and reliable work of the web agency? And the whole thing in Swabia?

The solution

Portraits Superherogroup

Testimonial Superherogroup

Package: The Colt

Instead of “either … or “we shot classic, high quality and personal portraits and superhero alter egos. Rollovers make the images on the site interactive. Thus, we have included all the wishes of the team in our concept. Costumes, make-up and poses make the difference so that real heroes can be seen at the end of the day.

The result

The Superheroes have already received a lot of positive feedback from existing and new customers for the new pictures. They now have a new communication tool that they can use to present themselves the way they really are. Without fear of not being taken seriously.

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