The problem

Construction industry? Yawn?
The company, then known as StekoX, visited the international construction fair “bauma” every three years as THE platform for new contacts and full order books. Previous trade fair appearances were more of a necessary evil and a means to an end. Real advertising was never really done, rather with the handbrake on, because until then it was so common and the company had no creative sparring partner in the field of film / photo / storytelling.

The solution

Stekox Bauma 2016

Testimonial Andreas Kogel

Package: The Winchester 

Our goal was to generate a full booth and make the company a topic of conversation in the industry. We shot a three-part invitation series, integrated this concept into the entire communication before the fair and also continued it on the stand (red buzzer for on-site competition). In addition, the communication from stekox was further expanded after the fair. For this purpose, other films were produced on topics such as Easter, Christmas, heat, tips, tutorials, to come back to conversation over and over again.

The result

Ankox / StekoX became the top dog in a very short time and at the second bauma fair, three years later, even got featured by the bauma itself with our campaign. Meanwhile, we have been working together successfully for seven years and Ankox has the image, in addition to a great job, of being different from many others in the conservative construction industry. To this day, a high level of customer interest is generated, which consolidates and differentiates the company Ankox through its authentic nature. In the meantime, it is no longer just about winning new customers, but also about consolidating existing customers through international events and workshops, which we help to shape, document and fill with content.

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