The problem

All craftsmen are criminals?

Oliver Dundiew wants to establish himself as THE expert in his industry.

Not easy with the negative reputation of the industry. Through trust, tips and Oliver’s own story, we show that our own service is really as high-quality as the skylight rescuers promise. Communication was the key here.

The solution

Dachfenster Retter: Betreutes Bauen

Portraits Oliver Dundiew

Testimonial Oliver Dundiew

Package: The Colt

Oliver Dundiew is a craftsman. Oliver Dundiew is Aikidoka. Crafting and martial arts have many common values. These are the foundation of the skylight rescuers and our films. We coached Oliver Dundiew, made him fit for the camera, then supplied equipment for his own films on the construction site and developed a concept for him. With the help of these films, he raised the profile of his customers from 400 to an incredible 20,000 viewers. Oliver himself was initially skeptical: Do his customers really want to see how he connects his job and his private life? The answer was overwhelmingly positive.

The result

Our films, workshops and pictures have given Oliver exactly the basis on which he could build with his own produced content. He was also presented by the Chamber of Crafts as a best practice for dealing with social media in the craft industry, interviewed and invited to lectures. With this multitude of people, Oliver is no longer just about winning new customers with his content, he wants to build up the clientele that he really wants to have handpicked. Because now is the right time for it.

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