Our help packages for your business

for an effective online presence in times of crisis and beyond

Online content film package

We film you, your knowledge, and your performance and help you to a product that you can now sell on the Internet. Whether artist & performer, cook, model,… – show the world with professional content what you can do and generate sales in the future with your own online business.

€ 2,000 instead of € 3,000

(On the day of shooting you pay € 500, after a month another € 500, and within another 2 months € 1000)


Do-it-yourself guide

You already have a rough concept and can’t afford professional video production now? No problem – we will explain to you how you can implement and market it yourself. All you need is a camera, everything else you can learn from us – via phone, Skye or Facetime. We’ll tell you how your content works.


€ 200 instead of € 500


Online storytelling workshop

What is your story? How do you design an authentic and successful brand presence? What differentiates you from everyone else and gives you an advantage over your competition? If your message and the way to your desired customer is still unclear, we will help you to find it and present it impressively.


€ 2,200 instead of € 3,000


Trailer production

In order to summarize events, products, or your knowledge in an exciting film, you need surprising perspectives and moments that will be remembered. Sometimes it takes completely new ways to tell stories. With a professional trailer production, you now turn customers into fans.


from € 2,000 instead of € 3,000


Product photography

We create product images that will delight you and your customers. Whether for social media, advertising banners, print ads, or your online presence. It is becoming increasingly important to stand out from the competition by presenting your products with eye-catching and innovative ideas. Differentiate yourself from your competition!


from € 800 instead of € 1,200


Image retouching / compositing:

Whether minor bumps or larger spots, pixel-perfect beauty retouching or complex image manipulations:

We get the best out of your pictures. Fast. Professionally. And in loving handwork.


from 50 €


Product films / tutorials

We will present your product with all the special features in detail. No matter whether fashion items, food or other sales products. Your product takes center stage and receives the perfect presentation and presentation for the outside world. As a real film or animation.


from € 1,800 instead of € 2,400